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Quiet and Convenientsubmitted by Riley N. - |Recommended: YesMy apartment is extremely quite with the exception of the dumpster across from me which the maintenance men use in the morning as I'm heading to work. I hear it for maybe 15 minutes before leaving for work and in no way affects me negatively. The location of the complex is extremely convenient for me because it is a 5 minute drive to work and a 2 minute drive to the grocery store.
Great complex but...submitted by Jeremy L. - |Recommended: YesYour parking situation is horrific if you come home after 9pm. I work nights and routinely leave and come home late. You frankly want to much money for parking spaces and garages when available are also to much. Even if I wanted to pay for a covered spot there aren't that many available. rRule enforcement is lacking badly for parking lots. I remember seeing in the rental agreement that children are not to be playing in the parking lots. However I routinely see kids and teenagers playing and kicking balls in the parking lot around peoples cars and impeding traffic. As for the apartments themselves I think the only real flaw I see is some interior trim is coming off from the edges of counter tops and I'm not sure how I could be causing it. Noise is what I expect from an apartment really, but I think I am fairly relaxed in this area. This all may sound harsh but I am paying enough in rent each month that I could buy a house and pay the same. When you ask so much from a resident expectations rise dramatically. On a positive note I really like my apartment, exterior design and grounds are wonderful, interior layout is also wonderful. Neighbors are quiet and I love seeing people walking their dogs. The few times I have had guests they were impressed with my apartment in general. If you don't raise the rent too much I hope to stay here for another lease. I understand that rent for my two bedroom with loft is approaching 1400 a month and that will really be my limit. I've seen 4 bedroom houses nearby that could be purchased at that monthly payment on a 30 year mortgage.
Overall - Nice Place to Livesubmitted by Bryan W. - |Recommended: YesThe first ratings this survey asks about I have to rate low, so let's tackle those first. About the noise - It's a few people who don't respect their neighbors, and I expect that at any complex. It's a couple of people who I woke up and spoke to a few times because they were out being loud late at night, and a neighbor we know is coming home at night and leaving in the morning because he slams his door. Other than that, we hear very little, and we certainly cannot and would not blame the management for the behavior of a few of the people who live here. As for parking... If I could always get home from work right at 5 15 PM, I would have to give parking five stars, and I would know nothing different. If I get home after 7 00 PM because I stay late and work longer hours, I know that there's a good chance that I will be walking up from the south end of the complex from my car to apartment. I always get a bit nervous as that part of the parking lot seems less well-lit at night than the spaces near my apartment. That said, I would rather have the inconveniences I experience here than the best experiences I have had at some previous rentals. My wife and I love the staff here. The maintenance is fast. I've waited for days for maintenance requests at other places, and here I've seen every request I make completed the same day. While I haven't gone and visited due to my work schedule, my wife loves to go visit with the office staff and get a cup of coffee in the morning. Overall, until we are ready to purchase a home again, we are happy at Sterling Heights.
Nice Apartments, Staff not always helpfulsubmitted by Erin D. - |Recommended: YesWe've lived here for almost three years and we really love our apartment. However, in the last year we've had trouble with the staff messing up paperwork and payments on our account.
Very clean, friendly, easy access to shopping and highwayssubmitted by Julie M. - |Recommended: YesI love it here. Noise question confused me. It's very friendly here. I like hearing the children play in the play ground. Sounds like Home
Sterling Heights has been good to us for the past 3 yearssubmitted by Aaron F. - |Recommended: Yes We've been here since 2013, we love our floor plan. We have not had the most pleasant interactions with the office staff. Mind you, we've never needed anything really from them, never paid rent late. They just are callus and not personable. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I ever needed them for anything I'm sure I'd really be upset. But as long as you're like us and don't need the office for anything it's great place.
Normal apartment issues, overall very nicesubmitted by Jillian L. - |Recommended: YesParking is difficult most of the time unless you pay a steep price for a carport. Also, you can hear neighbors outside and in other units pretty well. But those are expected issues for most apartments. Everything else is pretty great It's a nice apartment, good size, lots of amenities for the price. I'm quite happy here
Property itself is very nice and well maintainedsubmitted by Andrew B. - |Recommended: YesOverall nice grounds, cozy apartment, and safe living environment. Very noisy dogs and neighbors, some rude and non-genuine staff, and reckless landscapers who blow dirt and dust through our windows and have destroyed our backyard grass. Scarce parking at night almost forces you to pay for a spot or risk getting a ticket with street parking.
I love that the community has a park like settingsubmitted by Betty L. - |Recommended: YesI recommend IDM properties a lot. The communities are great for families which is not always the case with apartments.
Affordable livingsubmitted by Amanda T. - |Recommended: YesSterling Heights has so far been a great place to live. It is affordable and the location is convenient. I like the layout of the apartment, however the floors and countertops could use some updates. Parking is pretty terrible, I almost can never find a spot and since I already pay rent I don't think I should have to pay for a spot. Other than parking I am very satisfied with the complex
Great Apartment Wonderful Staff but.. submitted by James L. - |Recommended: YesThe apartments are Absolutely Gorgeous and the Staff are Great...BUT the lack of parking or seeing 2 or 3 cars and a Work Truck for One Apartment Tie up all the free parking spots for the weekend Especially the Work Trucks so my Guests have to park all the way in front or across the street is not fun. Also people tossing their sacks of garbage and broken furniture in the Trash Areas on the Ground is not fun to Navigate through when I am trying to dispose of my own my trash I KNOW this is Not the fault of the Property Owners or Management but perhaps a Letter to all stating NO furniture disposal or children throwing out trash because the dumpsters are too high might help i personally watched people emptying a Garage of crap into the dumpsters and area when they were moving out and just walked away. When i said something they pretended not to understand English Other then That it is a very Nice Place and that is the Main Reason I do stay Especially because of the Wonderful staff Sincerely Jim Lascola
I loved my apartment for the last 3 years submitted by Sergio P. - |Recommended: YesIs nice community, they fix things really quick but they have lots of problems with ants and spiders, they can spray them and they will be back within days. Parking sucks after 6pm unless you are willing to park at the front and walk back to your apartment. Friendly stuff over all, they gym facility can use some fixing and they pool its great but they took the BBQs away
Feels like homesubmitted by Ashley G. - |Recommended: YesEvery other place I've lived feels like an apartment complex. A bunch of strangers forced to live next to each other and no one makes eye contact, but this place is so different I really do feel like I'm pay off a community with great neighbors always offering to lend a hand and smiles everywhere. The leading office staff fell like old friends and this place just feels like home.
Nicesubmitted by Karina B. - |Recommended: YesThere is not a lot of uncovered parking for people who work nights, and the car ports are expensive
We really do like it here submitted by Amy B. - |Recommended: YesGood space for the cost, clean updated units, Parking is lacking but nothing to really be done about that. I would tell them to monitor there kids in the play area. some of the older and sadly younger kids are not supervised and tend to act out, curse, get into fights and prevent smaller kids from being on the equipment. Maintenance is fast and super friendly and they do a good job

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